Energy never sleeps. Neither do we: our trading team is on track 24/7.


We've been one of the pioneers in Europe’s liberalized gas market. Since years we have ranked among the top places of gas import in Italy and we're still No. 1 among independent Italian player for both imported volumes as well as wholesale volumes.


We started in 2000 operating within the electric energy market. Nowadays we operate in the major European markets. The huge imported volumes help to maintain a stable, balanced and well supplied electricity system.


We support on continuing basis our Clients with additional services like: balancing service, capacity optimization, support entry into new markets and portfolio management.


Since 2011, we offer Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs). The service is available for power plants (wind, photovoltaic, cogeneration, biomass and hydro) in the range from 1 up to 100 MW. Our competitive and transparent offers have gained the trust of hundreds of clients.


25 September 2018

Now near 100 million bpd, when will oil demand peak?

Sometime in the next few weeks, global oil consumption will reach 100 million barrels per day (bpd) - more than twice what it was 50 years ago - and it shows no immediate sign of falling Despite overwhelming evidence of carbon-fuelled climate change and billions in subsidies for alternative technologies such as wind and solar power, oil is so entrenched in the modern world that demand is still rising by up to 1.5 percent a year. There is no consensus on when world oil demand will peak but […]

Source:  Reuters

20 September 2018

Energia verde, tutti la vogliono?

Da maggio è boom dei prezzi delle garanzie di origine che assicurano ai clienti la provenienza green della fornitura. Sul mercato in agosto a quasi 2 €/MWh, otto volte il valore di agosto ‘17. In una fase di mercati energetici e ambientali in forte rialzo non potevano mancare anche le garanzie di origine dell'energia rinnovabile: tra maggio e agosto i prezzi dei certificati che consentono ai venditori di elettricità di provare ai clienti la provenienza “verde” della fornitura sono più che raddoppiati […]

Source:  Staffetta Quotidiana

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We provide competitive energy solutions with a specialization in short term contracts. Our business approach is based on three elements: markets’ knowledge, ability of our employees, our passion for facing challenges.

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We've developed a new digital solution to buy and sell natural gas and power across European markets. Energy Suite was born in order to give more «liquidity» to all the market players, in an innovative, flexible and simple way.