We were one of the pioneers in Europe’s liberalized gas market.

We were among the first independent player to obtain license for operation in all main European markets as well as being the first to provide transport and storage as soon as the opening process of markets permitted. We were also among the main participants in the initial import of LNG in Italy and Europe.

We operate in most European markets, those that represent over 95% of business in Europe; apart from the incumbent, ENOI has long been one of the most present and active Italian participants in various European markets. The volume of gas exchanged in the last fiscal year has reached 180 TWh.

For many years we have ranked among the top places of gas import in Italy (4th among  approximately 50 competitors), and we continue to be  No. 1 among independent Italian participants concerning both imported volumes as well as sales volumes (at wholesale level).

We are active in trading and wholesale as well as in direct sales to large companies; ENOI is able to offer its customers several products: from the 'day-before' to 'calendar', physical or financial, at fixed or index-linked prices. Our principal business is focused on short-term solutions (contracts up to 12 months).

We offer deliveries such as 'full supply', as well as 'horizontal' or 'vertical' tranches and less common market options (eg. 'Swing', 'call', 'put', 'bermuda', ...).

Furthermore, we sell structural products especially created according to the requests of our numerous and demanding customers.

For products, solutions and services regarding gas, please refer to:

  • Ugo Iozzo (Trading)
  • Rocco Raimondi (International Sales and Origination - Gas & Power)