Our business approach is based on three elements:

  • The markets’ knowledge we have gained in over fifteen years of activity at pan-European level
  • The ability of our employees, developed over years of daily dedication
  • Our passion for facing challenges which is a strong point of our company since its foundation

We provide competitive energy solutions to our customers that allows them to efficiently manage their buying and selling needs; we are always at their disposal supplying them withoptimizing support and logistical solutions.
ENOI, among its various business activities, is specialized in short term contracts (products, services and supplies with a 12 months duration).

Our nature as an independent company gives us freedom to move with flexibility, ensuring a 24/7 support system to our customers, with our principal goal of providing only the best of solutions to each of our customers.

We provide our know-how and our connections in the European market to each of our clients so that they may benefit from our exceptional opportunities.

In addition to trading and sales activities, ENOI has also an operations & logistics team that guarantees the correct operational execution through more than 100 transportation and storage arrangements in 19 European countries in which we operate daily.
The "operations & logistics" team coordinates with the sales team and with the origination team in order to create products developed for the special needs of each customer. ENOI has vast experience concerning complex products and structured services in main European markets.

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ENOI also directly supplies to industrial end customers, both for the natural gas as well as electricity.
ENOI customers can to take advantage of years of experience in trading thus being supplied and closely connected with the most important international energy markets. These products are characterized by operational efficiency and price competitiveness, since ENOI is supplied directly by the most advanced trading platforms in Europe.

We are culturally open minded and engaged in looking for new proposals and business opportunities for our customers – it is from this approach, that the Energy Suite project was born