Every year we start fresh, day by day, to build the year-end result.
Everyone contributes to the achievement of company goals which are a result of unified teamwork: directors, corporate advisors, top managers and employees.

At ENOI we believe it is important to do business in a responsible and ethical manner; therefore, a special Code of Ethics has been in place for several years involving all ENOI collaborators.

Corporate governance

Since years ENOI has implemented a governance system in which the different corporate bodies interact systematically, each with its own functions, ensuring that the company may prosper and sustain all its shareholders.

Board of Directors

Renato Rossi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Emmanuele Moiana
Non Executive Director
Mario Zanone Poma
Non Executive Director
Paolo Di Martino
Non Executive Director

Supervisory Board

In compliance with the content of the Code of Ethics and Organizational Model (LINK), a a specific Supervisory Board is in place. The mission of the Board is to assist directors, employees and collaborators in monitoring implementation of the Code of Ethics and its application. The Supervisory Board, adhering to these regulations, shall also:

  • Continuously monitor the application of the Code of Ethics by those to whom it may concern, by reviewing any violation reports;
  • Reporting to the CEO, or in more serious cases, to the Board of Directors, the ascertained breaches of the Code of Ethics;
  • Providing, when necessary, a periodic review of the CoE;
  • Propose or apply suitable sanctions in case of violation.

Top Management

Renato Rossi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Matteo Cavazzoli
Chief Financial Officer
Alessandro Godeas
Chief Risk Officer

Department Managers

Caterina Patruno
Accounting and Human Resources
Ugo Iozzo
Rocco Raimondi
Sales, Operations & Logistics

Firm of Auditors

The audit of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements of the Company, as well as periodic auditing, was conferred to the auditing firm Ernst & Young S.p.A.. in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Our business is based on trust.

Therefore, for us, transparency is fundamental.
Below, you can find (and download) the most important corporate documents (PDF) which are updated systematically