ENOI was founded in 2000 operating within the electric energy market. In the years that followed, the company focused on natural gas but in 2012 returned with renewed determination to be once again active in electric energy. The company operates in the major European markets: Austria (APCS), Switzerland (Swiss Grid), Italy (Terna), France (RTE) and Germany (Amprion).

This allows us to offer our customers interesting options concerning with a wide territorial range as well as various reliable and flexible solutions.

The Sales and Trading departments deal mainly with short-term contracts (expiring within 12 months). In addition, ENOI buys and sells transport capacity through specialized platforms which are  at our customers’ disposal.

The huge volume of electricity that ENOI annually imports from foreign markets to Italy, helps to maintain a stable, balanced and well supplied domestic electricity system.

Generally, the prices offered in the most advanced European markets are more competitive than those in Italy: i.e. the imports (ENOI contributing) increase the efficiency of the price system at domestic level, all in favour of the end customer who can then access energy at a lower cost.

For products, solutions and services regarding electricity, please refer to:

  • Davide Lancini (Power Trading Europe)
  • Rocco Raimondi (International Gas & Power Sales)