ENOI is active in the service of buying electricity from production facilities from 2011.

The service is available for power plants in the range from 1 to 100 MW and for different types: wind, photovoltaic, cogeneration, biomass and hydro.

For all these kind of power plants, the PPA Team has capability and the most appropriate solutions. Our proposal is clear and simple: the energy is given maximum value; no administration costs, no imbalance charges, no transportation costs and no obligations of production forecasts.

Our experience, expertise and flexibility allows us to offer more competitive and advantageous conditions than the rest of the market - while ensuring maximum reliability to our customers.

ENOI is able to offer tailor made proposals, with fixed or index-ranged prices, also structuring them in different areas or for established time periods. The offers are customized to the needs of each single producer and takes into account various risks.

Therefore, every year more than 200 manufacturers continue to renew their trust in ENOI, with a high loyalty rate of customers over the years. Our portfolio has more than 600 MW power available, strategically diversified by type of facility and geographical area.

To know more about what ENOI’s PPA Team can do for your electrical production plant, please contact Petra Johannson.